“I had no clothing to wear to an interview and no job to buy clothing. It was overwhelming until Samantha (META staff) brought me to the Career Closet. The clothes were beautiful, and I found a complete outfit that made me feel confident for my interviews.”

Client of Career Closet

“I was struggling to find appropriate clothing to wear to my interview, but after going to theĀ  Career Closet, I found an outfit that made me feel confident.”

Client of Career Closet

Update: Client was offered and accepted the job at interview

“I was in the office today at META (printing resumes before my interview). I somehow stained my shirt very noticeably, and Danielle (META Staff) noticed me struggling to wash the stain out. She offered a whole new blouse and blazer combination (from Career Closet). During my interview, I got a compliment on how my energy drew in my employer and was very uplifting. I’m sure the bright compilation Danielle helped me to find greatly contributed to that. A huge thanks to your team!”


Update: Offered and accepted the job

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