Match Your Resume to the Job in 4 Simple Steps!

Employers want to know you’re a good match for your next potential job — but do you know how to help them connect the dots?

It starts with your resume!

Your resume is your first chance to show that not only are you a good fit for the job, but you’re a match made in heaven!

In order to use your resume to its fullest potential, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind. So today, we’re going to show you what those are, with 4 simple steps!

1. Research the employer

Your resume is going to be a great match — but before you can get there, you need to know where you’re going!

The first step to a really relevant resume is to do your research. Start by reviewing the job posting and look for keywords that repeat, or are placed more prominently throughout.

Keywords typically refer to attributes of an ideal candidate. Things like “team-oriented, flexible, forward-thinking” are great examples. You’ll want to include examples of those attributes in your resume — and include the keywords too!

But don’t stop at the job posting! You also need to research the company itself. Try to get as clear a picture as you can of the company culture and values through their website and social media. You want to show that you are a natural fit for the team.

2. Use the newspaper method

News articles are written with the most important and interesting information at the top. Then, as you go down the page, the information may become less and less relevant for the reader.

You should adopt the same approach when laying out your resume.

In fact, the top third of your document should be the main focus area. Make sure you prominently display your personal skills summary, and the most relevant experience as high up as you can.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can stop there and ignore everything else! You should still make sure your entire resume is relevant, we just want you to lead with your best foot forward!

3. Tidy up the trivia

If you’re a master at writing resumes, then you probably have a master resume document which contains your entire list of experience (even though it might not fit on just one page). But at some point, you have to cut it down to size.

Even if you’re just reworking your already finished resume, it’s important to trim the fat when it comes to irrelevant information.

Take out anything that doesn’t immediately say YES when you ask “does this have to do with the job I’m applying for?” Doing this clears up space for other, more relevant information.

And if you find yourself struggling to fill the page after removing job descriptions that don’t match, consider simply rewriting them so that they do! Focus on the elements of each job that DO show you developed the right skills, instead of the ones that DON’T.

4. Show, don’t tell

Telling your recruiter how great you are is…great…but do you know what’s greater? Backing up your claims with hard facts!

For your most relevant job experience, be sure to include specific examples of your skills.

For instance, if you’re going for a sales position, describe your sales figures from your last sales job.

Or if you’re applying for a teaching position, talk about how many mentees you’ve mentored and what they were able to achieve.


Remember, it’s all about connecting the dots between who you are and what your potential employer wants.

By taking the time to make your resume relevant, you’re already going to start to come across as an ideal candidate!

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