Metrics You Should Have On Your Resume

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words.

But if the number of words is what’s important, then it’s also true that numbers mean quite a lot!

So, if you want your resume to say a lot more about you to recruiters, then paint them a picture with numbers and metrics about your career!

But what types of metrics should you put, exactly? Good question!

Today, we’ll go over some of the BEST metrics you can include in your resume! Let’s go!

The number of people you managed

Whether you’re applying for a leadership position or not, this is a great example of your core skills. Include how many people you’ve supervised, or managed at a single time.

And colour your comment with how you impacted them for the better!

The number of people you supported

Maybe you didn’t have a managerial role, but you still supported an aspect of an entire team’s performance. That could be from an HR role, and IT role, a training/teaching role, a consultant role, an “assistant ___” role, etc.

The number of people you previously helped shows how well you could support your new team!

Number of clients you handled

Did you have dedicated clients? Then you can let your employer know you’re a dedicated worker by listing how many clients (and of what type) you managed!

You can also note the size of their accounts, if that’s relevant. Just be careful not to disclose any private information about them or your former employer’s business.

Number of customers served

Ever heard the McDonald’s slogan: “Over 99 billion served”?

When we see that, we think that 99 billion can’t be wrong — and your recruiter will think the same when you tell them about all the happy customers you’ve personally served in your past jobs!


Hiring someone is an investment. And any employer wants to know that they will have a good Return On Investment if they choose to invest in you!

Some might call this a “growth” metric. Any number of statistics could help show that you are capable of growing the business you work for, including:

  • The annual increase in revenue you created
  • The increase in storefront/website visits you drove
  • The number of new clients you signed on
  • The number of sales you closed
  • The overhead costs you helped reduce

Think about what the business (and its revenue stream) looked like before you arrived, and what it looked like during your time working there. What are the things that got better, because of you, in a fiscal sense? Because those are the things that help you show a strong ROI!

Time saved

Time = money, so another strong way to show your ROI is through all the ways you saved your previous employers time.

There are lots of ways we can save our team time, including:

  • Reducing turnover (and thus reducing the need to spend time training new employees)
  • Implementing new technology or systems
  • Providing performance analytics, and identifying problem patterns
  • Increasing productivity (not just profitability)
  • Designing faster processes/workflows

By showing how you helped your team stop wasting time, you can prove how you can help a business stop wasting their money, too!

Experience by the numbers

There are also ways you can quantify your skills and experience with metrics.

This should include how many years you’ve worked in a certain industry or position.

It could also be how many projects you’ve handled, such as the number of creative pieces you’ve made or the total contracts you’ve fulfilled.


Building a winning resume can be tricky, but when you use numbers to show off your qualifications, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

And for free 1-on-1 support, you can always book an appointment at META! We’ll take the time to walk you through building a resume from the ground up, with templates and tips to make it great!

We can even help you find employers to send it off to when you’re done! Book your appointment today!

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