Self-Storage in Ontario: How to find a Job in this Exciting Industry

Looking for a change of pace in your career? Consider a change of industry! Today, we’re looking at some of the interesting opportunities in self-storage.

The self-storage industry in Ontario has come a long way since its humble beginnings. What started as a simple solution for temporary storage has evolved into a dynamic and thriving sector, catering to diverse needs of individuals and businesses alike. As urbanization accelerated and living spaces became smaller, the demand for self-storage in Ontario saw a significant uptick during the 1990s and early 2000s. This surge in demand led to the diversification of services and the introduction of new technology and skills for professionals to master.

Automation and digitalization streamlined the storage rental processes, making it easier for customers to reserve and manage their storage units online. State-of-the-art security systems, including surveillance cameras and passcode access control enhanced the safety of stored belongings, attracting even more customers to the industry. Today, self-storage facilities in Ontario offer an array of services beyond basic storage solutions. Many facilities provide truck rental services to facilitate the moving process, packing supplies for customer convenience, and even professional organizing services to help clients maximize their storage space effectively. In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind the tremendous expansion of the self-storage industry in recent years and explore some tips and tricks for finding a job in the sector.


With limited space in cities and urban areas, individuals and businesses find it increasingly challenging to store all their belongings, merchandise, or excess inventory within their premises. Self-storage units offer a viable solution for people who require additional space to declutter their homes or manage their business inventory without having to relocate to more spacious properties. Urbanization has been one of the leading factors in the growth of the self-storage industry. The development of self-storage in Ontario has been particularly pronounced in larger cities with a higher concentration of people and much smaller living spaces.

Changing lifestyles

Modern lifestyles are characterized by greater mobility, more frequent job changes, and an increase in the number of people choosing to rent rather than own homes. Professionals with more shifting lifestyles often require more use of temporary storage solutions as they move between residences and work opportunities. Additionally, college students and young professionals often turn to self-storage facilities during summer breaks or when relocating for job opportunities.

Business and commercial needs

The self-storage industry’s growth in Ontario is also driven by the needs of various businesses. From retail stores to construction companies, many business owners require secure spaces to store equipment, inventory, and documents. Self-storage units offer flexibility, affordability, and enhanced security, making them an attractive option for entrepreneurs and employers looking to optimize their operations. The rise of e-commerce businesses has also led to an increased demand for warehousing and storage space. With numerous online businesses based in Ontario, these companies require secure and accessible storage facilities to store their products. Self-storage units serve as cost-effective warehousing solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, allowing them to scale their operations without investing in dedicated commercial spaces.

Increased awareness and convenience

As self-storage facilities have become more prevalent in Ontario, public awareness of their benefits has grown significantly. With user-friendly interfaces and seamless rental processes, these facilities have made accessing additional storage space hassle-free. The 24/7 accessibility and security features provided by modern self-storage facilities further contribute to their appeal.

Career Paths in the Self-Storage Industry


With the number of self-storage facilities continuing to grow across Canada, and Ontario in particular, there are plenty of job opportunities available for those interested in working in the self-storage industry. There is a common misconception that the types of career opportunities available in the self-storage industry are limited to general labour jobs­— this could not be further from the truth! Self-storage is a multi-faceted industry that features job opportunities that appeal to a wide array of different skill sets.
Each new storage facility has a large staff with numerous positions working in different departments, which are all vital for making sure that the day-to-day operations of the storage facility run smoothly. Some of the most common self-storage careers include:

  • Facility Manager
  • Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Leasing Administrator
  • Sales Executive
  • Electrician
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Production Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Accountant
  • Marketing Specialist

As the self-storage industry grows, there will be greater competition for jobs in the sector. While online job portals are a useful tool to help narrow down your search, you should also explore the careers pages of specific self-storage companies, as they often post job openings directly on their websites.

How to Make the Change

The self-storage industry presents a wealth of career opportunities for individuals with a diverse range of skills and interests. From customer service and facility management to sales and marketing, there’s a position to suit whatever your career goals may be! By honing your skills, networking within the industry, and actively seeking out job opportunities, you can take the first steps toward a rewarding and fulfilling career in the self-storage industry.

And whatever the next steps in your career, META is there for you every step of the way! We can help you identify which careers in the self-storage industry would be the best match for your unique skills and experience, as well as help you show off your value to new employers with resume writing, interview coaching, professional attire outfitting, and more! Book your free appointment with us today, and let us help you make the change your career needs!

*This article features expert guest commentary provided by Storwell, a self-storage provider in Ontario. For information on applying to work with Storwell, please contact META.

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