How To Get Your Career Moving Again

Do you feel like your career has hit the brakes? Or like you’re not moving fast enough?

Good news! There are surefire ways to reignite your engines, and get your career moving forward once again!

In today’s article, we’ll explore your best options for changing gears, and putting some momentum into your professional life!

Finish your degree

Many professionals left their higher education unfinished so they could get a head start at working in the real world.

But if you’ve left school unfinished, there’s a good chance holding off is holding you back.

It could also be that you started school, but decided to change tracks, which is why you never finished. And that’s totally fine! In today’s marketplace, having the RIGHT degree is worth more than having even 2 or 3 degrees!

But the job market today is also highly competitive, and many employers consider having the appropriate post-secondary education as the baseline. Meaning, you’ll be putting yourself at a serious disadvantage by not having this key prerequisite — or you may be taking yourself out of the race entirely!

Find financial freedom

Financial freedom doesn’t mean having piles of disposable income. It means having your financial affairs in order so that you’re free to seize opportunities to improve yourself, without having to worry about the consequences.

Before you can fully explore your options for kickstarting your career, you need to know what you can reasonably afford to invest in your professional development.

This includes how much time you can take away from work to focus on studies, how much your desired upskill/educational programs cost, and how you will be able to finance it without sacrificing your basic needs.

Money only matters if you haven’t taken care of your money matters!

Look into licenses

One of the fastest tracks to getting your career in full swing is by getting a vocational license.

Many professions (either in your industry, or in an exciting new one!) only require a small amount of higher education in order to begin practicing that profession.

These include long-standing career choices, such as the trades (plumbing, welding, carpentry, etc.), as well as younger but -up-and-coming industries such as computer sciences, and certain types of therapy or life coaching.

And many of them only require 6 months to 2 years of training before you can start working as a professional in your field!

Start a consulting business

If you feel you are stagnating after years of working in your field of expertise, then you should consider broadening your horizons by sharing that expertise!

Consultants have a lot of freedom to design their own career paths, which gives you more control of how fast you want to move your career, and in what directions.

Consulting not only pays, but it gets you in the front door of many potential new opportunities. By working at a smaller capacity with a more diverse array of clients, you might find a whole new way to accelerate your career using your network!

Retrain your brain

Second Career is a program for laid-off professionals, offered by META.

You can get new skills – those needed for jobs in demand now – and financial support if you qualify for Second Career.

You can get substantial funding opportunities (up to $28,000) to help cover the costs of tuition, books, transportation, and living costs, while you obtain an advanced degree in a new industry.

Some jobs don’t just require you to have a post-secondary education. They need you to have the RIGHT education. And Second Career helps you get it!


META is here to help you with moving forward at any point of your career.

Whether you’re looking to switch gears so you can keep going, or your career is just taking off and you need a little help getting off the ground, you can book free 1-on-1 counselling today!

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