Job Hunt Tips: Pre & Post COVID

It’s been almost a year of uncertainty. The world is still on its toes when it comes to social interactions, travel, and anything that could be considered a health risk.

Many of us also feel that our employment is at risk too. With numerous downsizings and businesses put on hold for the time being, it’s not unreasonable to worry about your financial and professional security just as much as your health and safety in this new landscape.

Fortunately, when it comes to job searches, there are some tips for job seekers that hold true, before, during, and after the pandemic! It all comes down to setting yourself apart, and being seen differently than your peers. Remember, exceptional means outside the status quo — so if you want to be seen as exceptional talent to recruiters, you should take some of our advice on how to improve your chances of getting hired pre- and post-COVID-19.

Let’s have a look!

Build a personal brand

When you go to buy a product, there are certain brands you trust over others. This is because of the effects of marketing and brand development which shape their image into more than just another bottle of shampoo, or a box of cookies on the shelf.

The same techniques can apply to YOU and YOUR BRAND!

For one, when you do well and build a reputation as a solid worker, that aspect will shine through and help employers imagine you performing well at their company as well.

Another way to build your brand is to create an online presence for yourself, and maintain growth within your social network. When people can see and follow your personal development, they’ll be more apt to support your professional development as well.

Improve your communication skills

Especially now that so much interaction, both at work and in the search for work, will not take place face-to-face, effective communication has never been more mission critical to your job hunt.

The late Lee Iacocca, former chairman of the board of Chrysler, once said, “You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.”

Learning how to disseminate information clearly and in a concise way will make you more approachable, appear easier to work with, and showcase leadership skills that you need to succeed.

A great tip for effective communication is to practice on other people, and to put yourself in the perspective of an audience member. Even better, pretend you’re explaining your idea to a five-year-old! If you can explain even your most complicated ideas to a child, then you’re sure to impress them upon even the most stoic executive.

Put customer experience first

Some of the best precepts for businesses also apply to you as an individual.

In interviews, be prepared to talk about how you’ve gone above and beyond to provide a seamless and serene customer experience when working with clients in the past. Treat others in the hiring process the way you would handle a customer interaction, so they know you’d be a great face for their company.

Practice continuous development

Remember how exceptional doesn’t mean just meeting the status quo?

Not only should you be able to show how you’ve gone above and beyond for colleagues and clients, but also how you challenge yourself to continuously improve — how you’ve not just gone above the status quo, but raised the bar at the same time!

Professional development doesn’t just mean your improvements at work, either. If you have a holistic approach to improving yourself both at work and in your personal life, people will gravitate towards your momentum. It shows off that not only are you motivated and driven towards success, but you’ll be the type of person that other motivated individuals want to surround themselves with.

Be proactive and have a can-do attitude

You’re probably familiar with the idea of company culture: the attitudes and ‘personality’ of a business, and how important they are to driving productivity and progress for any team.

Well, company culture isn’t something you can simply install in any workplace. It requires a paradigm shaped out of the individual attitudes and personalities of all the workers. That means that an employer who’s looking to improve the way they do business is looking for people who will improve the atmosphere of the workplace.

If you’re a stick in the mud who just wants to do the bare minimum, it will come across in your recruitment process. Recruiters will likewise be able to suss out if you have the go-getter positivity that they’re looking for.

This means not being afraid to learn from failures, get outside your comfort zone, and take on new challenges.


As you’re learning to face the challenges of the pandemic for your professional life, adopt these tips and strategies to heart. Under any social climate, these are the ways that winning job hunters learn to make their mark!

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