The Cure For Job Searches During COVID-19

2020 is a time of uncertainty for the world, and it’s no different for jobseekers and employers alike. Many companies are closing their doors, unsure if they’ll open again, leaving employees and applicants in a holding pattern to hear about the future of their careers.

But just because most of the globe is on hold, doesn’t mean you have to be!


The workforce wilderness has changed. Once you get your bearings and a couple of helpful tips to act as a compass, you’ll be ready as ever to strike out into the wide world of job hunting!


So have a look with us now at how you can keep your job search immune to interruptions. Here’s how…


Build The Net Value Of Your Network

Just like you’re probably taking time to contact your friends and family to check on how they’re doing, now is the time to reach out to your other contacts to keep your network strong.

With people isolating, the chances of running into your acquaintances at job fairs, expos, workshops, or social events of any kind are highly unlikely. That’s why it’s more important than ever to start by bolstering your online persona, first and foremost.

It’s time to prune your social media. Are you presenting the best version of yourself on every platform? Is your professional record on LinkedIn complete? Are you replying to all the requests you’ve received from others looking to connect with you?

There’s plenty of material available about how to make the most of your online presence when it comes to being a jobseeker (check out our archive for some of our best advice). When it comes to taking advantage of the current situation, we’re simply stressing that it’s never been more  critical to have your job search active, and accurate online..

Being active means posting, following, engaging, learning, sharing, and any other way you can stir up some action online. Without seeming surreptitious the way some interview processes can create a forced atmosphere, building your public persona online allows you to come across candidly. What better way for you to make a name for yourself if you can’t meet face-to-face?

Don’t forget that networking isn’t just about having other people know who you are. This is also an excellent time to brush up on potential employers, recruiters, and company cultures that could help you narrow and plan your future focus.

How else can you grow your network during the pandemic?


Dedicate Time To Development

With all this time on your hands, it’s the perfect time to devote to your own professional development (something you’re already doing by reading this article)!

Many online schools and learning centres have even made their content free, or available at reduced rates, to remove  barriers to some of the most sought after curriculums. Now is the time to raise your expertise, learn something new, or survey a few new fields of interest.

Under normal circumstances, putting your time and effort into improving yourself, either by honing in on your existing skills or expanding your skill set, this puts you ahead of the pack. But just like any gap in your employment history, recruiters will likely be curious about how you spent your time during isolation. This means that not advancing yourself can actually put you at a disadvantage as well, once the rush to return to work commences.

Besides bridging your skill gaps, now is also a great time to practice your video interview skills. Doing so will allow you to get a head start on your remote applications, and what better way to practice than by getting out there and having real interviews! Not only will you gain the experience, you’ll be making headway into your next potential job.

What are some skills you’ve been meaning to add to your skill set?

Work On Your Work-From-Home Skills

The biggest change happening right now is a shift to online workers. That means that if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you’ll want to show that you have exemplary work-from-home skills.

Working from home was already becoming a widely adopted trend, now as many as 88% of active organizations have begun the initiative to have their employees perform remote work.

Working from home allows for a more flexible work-life balance, but demands some structured planning and personal organization to succeed. Start by creating a comfortable workspace with all the tools and equipment you’ll need. Ensure it meets requirements for video calls, such as being well framed with a non-distracting backdrop, well-lit, and quiet.

Set your schedule and stick to it. Practice treating your job search and professional development time like an actual job. Discuss it with family or roommates so you can avoid interruptions. Familiarize yourself with the online platforms your target company is using, including communication and project management tools. There are many common ones worth looking into if you’re not sure, such as Zoom, Google Drive, Slack, etc.

What other work-from-home skills could you brush up on?


The job market always has its ups and downs. The recent situation is no different in that sense; what has changed is how you can spend your time between jobs bettering yourself for future employment. Absorb the tips we’ve discussed here, and you’ll be at the front of the pack when it comes to keeping your job search healthy and active!

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