What jobs are surviving the pandemic?

Ever since COVID-19 reared its ugly head, most businesses have been wondering if they’ll survive — let alone thrive — in the unpredictable post-pandemic market.

And while you have more than likely been keeping an eye on whether or not that will be the case for some of your local businesses, as a job seeker it’s important to have a clear idea of which industries are the most reliable to pursue.

While we hope the worst of COVID-19 is behind us, if you’re looking for a job that you can rely on no matter what, then it’s not a bad idea to start with the types of jobs that remained steadily (or increasingly) available throughout the last two and a half years.

That’s why today, we’ll be exploring a list of the positions that remained open despite the pandemic causing many other businesses to close their doors. Let’s take a look!

Remote Positions

It should come as no surprise that as people have been forced to isolate themselves at home, more and more work-from-home positions have become available. 

Working remotely requires a set of soft skills that you may wish to take some time to develop if you are interested in one of these job types. Consider how you will maintain a schedule, avoid distractions, and stay in touch with your team. These are traits that remote hiring managers will be most interested in.

Now, here are the top industries for remote jobs right now!


Transcription Services

Transcriptionists take audio and video footage and convert it into text.

This requires excellent typing skills plus attention to detail, and in some cases special training on tools and software unique to the industry.

The world has a huge need for accurate transcription. Even the most advanced AI-based transcription requires human proofreading. So if you have patience and a good ear, this could be a job for you!

Teaching & Education

With school closures and many educational programs on indefinite hiatus, what the world needs now is online educators!

You could consider setting up a digital training course of your own, or register to be a remote tutor for students in your field of expertise.

While this field may not always require firm credentials, experience is usually a must.

Tech & IT

It’s no secret that businesses the world over have been ramping up their IT infrastructure to support better remote connections. But there’s more to it than just upgrading your internet plan!

The IT community needs trainers, technicians, help staff, and more to help people make and maintain the change to a more digital world. Could you lend a hand?

Design & Creative

As a freelancer or in-house designer, you can use your creative skills to create a nice career for yourself!

Some common positions in this industry are graphic designer, video editor, and copywriter. You can work freelance and take commissions as you see fit, or get a job with an agency where you can help manage brands directly!

In-Person Positions

While lots of new opportunities have opened up for remote work, in-person jobs do still exist — and many new ones have opened in Canada in the last few months alone! 

That said, certain industries have been affected disproportionately compared to others. 

So here are a few of the industries most actively looking for workers!

Health Care 

Our frontline heroes need backup!

Health care practitioners are wildly in demand, as the medical system struggles to find the bandwidth to care for everyone under the current conditions.

And it’s not just nurses and doctors — there are healthcare-related fields that help support the overall system too, such as call centre agents for health services, administrative staff for hospitals and clinics, and much more!

Essential Retail

Health care workers aren’t the only essential workers! Grocery stores, pharmacies, variety stores and others all fall into the category of “essential”.

Many such businesses have expanded their teams in order to manage providing services such as curbside pick-up, additional cleaning services, and home delivery.

There are also logistics-related positions associated with these essential businesses, such as warehouse workers and truck drivers.

Delivery & Post

With people stuck in quarantine, or afraid to leave their homes due to vulnerability, more and more deliveries are made instead of in-person purchases every single day.

And that means we need people like you to help deliver! Everything from food and groceries to professional courier services — drivers, bikers, and even walkers can help deliver some goods, which is good news for your career!

Remote Restaurants

Did somebody order a pizza? Just kidding, of course somebody did — North Americans order more than 8 million pizzas a day!

Some restaurants may have closed to the public, but thanks to delivery people (and services like UberEats and DoorDash) they may be open to having you join their team — like your local pizza joint!

Foodservice operators, chefs, managers, and delivery people are all essential to keeping our community fed and functional!


Interested in one of these jobs for your career?

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