What To Do After The Interview

Congratulations, you just finished your big interview! All the stress and hard work has paid off, and you can relax a bit.

But you’re not out of the woods yet.

Waiting to hear back from your potential employer can be stressful. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to keep the ball rolling and stay active while you wait for a reply. These are also a great way to help you make the best impression possible with your interviewer.

Let’s have a look at what you can do after an interview.

1. Send A Thank You Note

Remember that your interviewer took time out of their busy schedule to meet with you. Many administrative personnel may have been involved in the process as well, from reviewing your resume to contacting you and more. It is polite to thank them for their efforts, and for the opportunity they have provided you.

You don’t need to write a novel. A brief, straightforward letter will be sufficient to make your point known. Be sure to specify why you are thanking them. For their time, for instance. Remain friendly and conversational, but also formal. Watch out for typos or errors, and be sure you are addressing the letter to the correct person or persons.

It is also acceptable to restate your interest in the job offer. You could say you look forward to hearing from them about the position. You can even try to emphasize your value to the company once again. Be sure to include any important information which may not have come up during your interview, or which you forgot to mention earlier.

A thank you note shows that you are organized, diligent, and serious about the job. Be sure to use it as step number one in checking in with potential employers.

2. Follow Up

Most employers will let you know an approximate time frame during which you should expect to hear from them regarding the results of your interview. If they have yet to contact you and the time has passed, be sure to follow up.

Be sure to wait the allotted time. Following up is a good way to show you are eager and accountable, but following up too soon will seem needy and will send the wrong messages to your potential employer. They may think you weren’t paying attention to their instructions, or you risk coming across as desperate.

Following up is something you should do regardless of if they set a timeline with you or not. It is a natural part of the hiring process. It may feel awkward at first, as you are going in uncertain and may be told that you have been passed over for the position. But remember, you deserve an answer and, provided you respect the timeline boundaries, you are not an annoyance.

Just like your thank you note, send a very brief message when you follow up. Be courteous and professional. Don’t make assumptions or accusations, it is possible that you are still in the running for the job, and the employer just hasn’t had time to finalize everything.

3. Keep In Contact

Don’t burn any bridges, even if you didn’t get the job. Who knows? Maybe one day you will interview with the same company, or you will end up working with your interviewer elsewhere. Especially if the business is an industry leader or pillar of your community, it is always worth networking with professionals in your field.

Try to build a relationship that lasts. Your potential employer will keep you in their mind next time a position opens, and you can help improve your image to any connected business too. One easy way to stay connected is to add your contacts at the company on social media, such as LinkedIn.

Ultimately, keeping in contact is about changing your perspective on what happened. You shouldn’t be looking at it as a failed interview, but rather as an opportunity to connect with other professionals and get your name out there as a willing and interested employee.


These 3 suggestions can help you stay sane as you wait anxiously to hear back about your possible new job. But just as important as it is to follow these steps after a previous interview, don’t forget to keep on trying. Move forward and keep putting yourself out there until you get the callback you’ve been waiting for!

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