Highlight Health In Your Recruiting!

When you manage a team, you want to be selective about finding the top talent to move your business forward.

But you should also know that the top talent out there can afford to be selective with who they choose to give their time to.

So how do you set your business apart from the competition, in order to attract the most desirable potential applicants? One simple way to improve the strength of your hiring practices is to showcase the health benefits of joining your team!

In a world dominated by a global health issue, it has never been more pressing to ensure that people looking to join your company have a clear and optimistic outlook about the health and wellness of your employees. One of the top factors that job seekers look for in a good employer is a holistic approach promoting positive mental, behavioural, and physical health.

If you’re unsure how to present the personal health opportunities that your business offers, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll review some solid strategies to strengthen your hiring practices. Let’s go!

1. Sell Stories, Not Perks

It’s easy to get caught up in the details — the suite of programs and services that you can rhyme off to applicants — but you can quickly miss the forest for the trees.

When you want to show off the actual life-affirming benefits, share the personal success stories of your staff first, then list out the resources that helped them achieve their goals!

Using quotes and personal anecdotes of real people sharing their real journeys will resonate much stronger with your audience. Not only does it improve engagement, it hones your credibility and builds authenticity — it shows people that employee wellness matters and that you take action to see it through.

Pro Tip: Video interviews and mini-documentaries are the best way to help your employees narrate their stories

2. Be Upfront About Health Concerns

People won’t trust you if you have one hand behind your back. When you give off the impression that you’re hiding something, it hurts you twice: first by making you seem untrustworthy, and second by creating a situation to deal with down the road when the truth comes to light.

Our advice? Be 100% transparent about the health concerns in your work environment!

Job candidates value transparency with potential employers, because it proves they have nothing to hide. And from your standpoint, an informed recruit is a happy recruit — job satisfaction rates are much higher when even the potential negatives about the job are discussed in advance.

Is your job stressful? Bring it up, then mention your yoga program! Does it require a lot of sitting and staring at a screen? Use it to talk about your sponsored gym membership!

Don’t keep potential hires in the dark. Use health concerns to light the way to your overall health and wellness focus.

3. Go Over Your Health-Related Policies

When you interview a candidate, it is just as much an opportunity for you to pitch your business as it is for them to sell themselves as strong workers.

In order to tailor your pitch, you need to start by asking yourself what sort of employees you are looking to attract, what they value in a health care plan, and then audit your business’ policies to see if they are a right fit. If they are a young college graduate, they may be more interested in something like free fitness programs, or break room activity options — whereas an industry veteran may be more concerned with life insurance or family wellness resources.

If you feel you are lacking, maybe it’s time to ramp up your offerings. That way, when you sit down with an applicant face to face, you can proudly and proactively discuss the many perks of working with you!

4. Draft A Total Compensation Offer

We all know that sometimes the bottom line isn’t the bottom line. When negotiating salaries, or simply presenting your offer to a potential recruit, it pays to not just talk about the pay.

When drafting your compensation offer, make sure that it takes into account the fiscal values of the health and wellness services and subsidies that your company offers. Itemize things like dental, vision, and parental coverage and explain their value in numbers. Include any extra paid sick days, subsidized fitness programs such as gym memberships, and even the equivalent costs of programs which you offer for free.

Seeing the value on paper helps applicants realize the full worth of working with you. So when it comes time to talk about salary, talk about the total package.


Health and wellness are some of the strongest driving forces for job seekers to choose their next employer. When you decide to offer the top perks, and top it off by adopting these strategies to show them off, you’ll be sure to attract the top talent for your team!

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