Why You Need A “Why Work With Us” Page

As an employer, you strive to attract the top talent to join your team. You work with job posting services, employment service agencies, and scouts and recruiters to grow your personnel (and your business).

You want to interest people who align with your company culture and the values that allow you to make your mark on your industry. You want them to know what they’re getting into, because you want them to be ready to hit the ground running, with full confidence that their goals will move your business towards the goals you have in mind.

So how do you do it?

One of the most inviting ways to attract the right talent is to frame the position in the context of the job seeker. Having a “Why Work With Us” page on your website, or as a section on your social media profiles and job posts, is a fantastic way to add incentive for them to apply, by outlining the benefits of being an employee at your company.

Let’s explore more about your motivation and means for making the best use of a “Why Work With Us” page!

What is it?

A “Why Work With Us” page is a page on your company website that is meant for job seekers to view in order to give them a better understanding of your company culture and the ways you improve the lives of your employees.

This page should be easy to locate in your navigation menu, typically in the “Who We Are/About Us” category. You can also include it in the footer of all your pages for easy access, no matter where they land when they visit your site.

The same information can be included in a section of your job postings, and in your social media profiles. Ideally, you place it where anyone researching your company can easily find it.

We’ll go over what it should include specifically in just a moment.

Why is it important?

Imagine you’re buying a box of pasta. Would you choose the one that advertised their brand as having the highest profit margin for themselves, or would you choose the one that said you could enjoy the experience of the best Italian cuisine at home?

Describing your offer in terms of the qualities that appeal to the consumer is how you effectively close a deal. The same holds true for making your company enticing to job seekers; if you want them to buy into your business, you need to tell them how it will benefit them — not just you.

This helps you find more and better matches for your business. For one, it creates an inroad for job seekers who may have heard of your business but not seen your job postings just yet. When they’re curious about your company, they’ll seek out this type of information online, letting you market to a new talent pool organically.

Even if they’ve seen a specific job posting or talked to a recruiter, having this information readily available improves your relationship with interested job seekers. The ones who do research are the ones you want to appeal to most, as they have a clearer idea about what they want and won’t waste your time when their professional development doesn’t align with your company objectives.

So, having a “Why Work With Us” page discourages poor matches, encourages better matches, and it also lets serious candidates spend more time engaging with and considering your business.

What to say

Now to get down to the nuts and bolts of it — why SHOULD someone work for you?

Take a moment and think about your ideal candidate. You probably have a pretty good picture of the requirements they should meet — training, education, experience, etc. — but what would their requirements be for you?

There’s no standard answer, of course. But you can make some simple generalizations. For instance, if your team is looking for recent graduates, chances are they’ll be looking for development opportunities and the promise of growth. Whereas if you’re asking for someone with 10+ years of experience in a certain field, they may be looking for something a lot more specific, or migrating from another job for reasons such as a more competitive salary.

Another way to go about it is to look at what makes work great for your current employees. What makes their day-to-day unique compared to other businesses? What sort of group activities do you do, and how do you keep your employees motivated?

This is your chance to talk about the ways your company is attractive that can’t always be put in a simple job posting, like work-life flexibility, company culture, and your outside-the-box management techniques. Some of the other top things to mention are:

  • Your Diversity & Inclusion Practices
  • Grant & Intern Opportunities
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Employee Testimonials
  • A Welcome Message From Executives

If you have multiple departments, locations, or lines of business, consider making a unique “Why Work With Us” page for each one as well.

Photos and video

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and videos, exponentially so.

Put a face to your company name with engaging images showing your staff celebrating and excited during their time at work. Show off corporate retreats, off-site events, trade shows, and the most interesting activities at the office. Personalizing your business with real people lets potential recruits see you as more human, and thus easier to connect with.

Consider making a custom video to showcase your day-to-day to interested applicants. Avoid simply showing off your consumer marketing content, like product videos and commercials. Choose scenes that speak to the mindset of a job seeker first and foremost.


When a job seeker looks at your business, they ask themselves “why should I work with them?”. And with a well-crafted “Why Work With Us” page, you can give them the best answer every time.

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