Your Inclusion And Diversity Checklist

As an employer, you want your customers and clientele to be as robust as possible. And you understand that means having a robust and diverse team to match.

But how do you go about attracting, hiring, developing, and retaining a diverse workforce while cultivating an inclusive culture?

Easy! You start with this checklist for Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)!!

Let’s go over some of the key elements that any D&I-minded employer (such as yourself) can use to build and benchmark a better workplace.

Get your leaders to buy-in

Senior staff members and your management team are more than just key decision makers. They’re also key influencers for your company culture.

When you get the leaders at your company to buy into D&I practices, others will follow suit. Their charisma for D&I will trickle down, as well as inform their company-wide decisions.

Consider having your executives sign a commitment to your new D&I policies so there is visibility and accountability as well.

Define D&I for your business

You need to discover and declare what D&I looks like at your company.

Identifying your weak areas and laying out an overall plan will help keep you on the right track and make the individual steps to get there more actionable.

With your vision in mind (and on paper) you can more easily point every action in the right direction.

✓ Make measurements for D&I

As you make progress, you’ll want to ensure you have benchmarks to compare your progress against.

During your initial analysis on D&I in your business, examine your industry and the community in which you operate. Define statistics that would make your business an accurate reflection of the talent pool, as well as your audience demographics.

Be especially aware of parity bias — the bias to assume that every group is or needs to be represented in equal shares.

✓ Nominate diversity advocates

Like any project your company undertakes, D&I needs clear leadership.

When you elect a diversity and inclusion representative, or representatives, not only are you broadcasting the importance of D&I for your operations, but someone is assuming responsibility for making positive change a reality.

A good advocate researches, analyzes, and speaks out about opportunities for growth. Consider devoting the time and effort of an Employee Resource Group towards D&I purposes, so you can make the most impact.

✓ Transparency is king

D&I isn’t something developed in the shadows and set up in secret. It’s best cultivated in the light of transparency.

Share your goals and your pain points internally. When your team all has visibility on your metrics for D&I, it becomes an ongoing part of their thought process, and lets them see how individual actions can have different positive or negative outcomes for reaching a higher standard.

Consider hiring a consulting firm when you need to make more detailed metrics consistently available.

✓ Hire from a wider pool

Let’s clarify something that gets brought up often: D&I is not affirmative action.

With affirmative action, underrepresented groups are given preferential treatment during the hiring process.

With a proper D&I initiative, you would instead market the job to a wider talent pool that includes underrepresented groups, then give everyone an equally challenging recruitment process.

So when you want a diverse group of strong workers, don’t let certain people walk right in to help your metrics. Instead, give more people the same opportunities.

✓ Commit to a better future

Establishing a more D&I-friendly business model isn’t a set-and-forget kind of endeavour. It takes an ongoing resolve to make it happen every day, and every step of the way.

If you’re decided on making a better future for your team and your business, then make it a lifelong commitment. You’ll find that the reward is in the journey, not the destination.

And armed with this checklist, you’re ready to set out in any direction towards a more diverse and inclusive tomorrow!

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